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What is a Co-op?

A co-op provides a family-oriented environment where teachers and parents work together as a team. Parents have the opportunity to be involved in the school in various ways such as participating in the classroom, serving on a committee, or being a member of the Executive Committee. These opportunities are wonderful ways to meet other Co-op families and build lasting friendships. You do have the option to opt out of committee requirements. 

By participating in my son's class and watching the teachers at work, I have become a better parent.  I have made so many wonderful friends at the Co-op by serving on various committees.  The Co-op is truly a special place." 

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Parent Participation

Parents have the privilege of being invited into their child’s classroom on a regular basis, approximately once a month.  While more and more schools are excluding parents, our school welcomes parents.  Our teachers are very comfortable having a parent in their classroom every day. Participation offers parents the opportunity to share in their child's first school experience, while also being an extra set of eyes, hands and ears for the teachers.  In addition to it being a wonderful experience for you and your child, participation offers the parent further insight into our program and provides them with a better understanding of early childhood education.  Parents see first-hand the growth and development that occurs throughout the school year.  They learn techniques from their child's teachers to apply at home.  Your participation day is truly a memorable experience.  If a parent wishes to share their occupation, talents, or interests with the class they may plan together with their child's teacher to do so during one of their participation days.   

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