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Enrichment Classes

Children in our 3's and 4's programs can extend their day with enrichment classes. Children in the 3's classes may add on Lunch Bunch from 12:00-1:00 and an enrichment class from 1:00-2:30 for any number of days Monday-Thursday. An optional enrichment class is offered on Fridays from 9:30-12:00 for children in the 3's program. Children in the 4's classes can select from any of our enrichment classes. Enrichment classes are offered Monday-Friday from 1:00-2:30. All enrichment classes are taught by Co-op teachers. Enrichment class topics change each semester, but below is a sampling of past offerings.

cooking class.jpg


Children will experience the joy of creating their own delicious food. They will learn how to chop, measure, grate, stir, and whisk to create simple recipes. Best of all, they will get to enjoy the results of their work as they eat it with their friends. 

gardening club.jpeg


The children will experience planting indoors and outdoors, increase their awareness of their environment while incorporating math, science, literacy, and more. They will experience the joy that comes from caring for something over time.



The children will be learning through hands on activities that encourage them to think, problem solve, and explore. They will work with simple machines, inventions, Lego projects, building challenges, physical and life sciences, magnets, simple robotics, creative art experiences, and much more!


Studio Art

The children will be offered open-ended art experiences with various media emphasizing the process of creation. By introducing art media through open-ended exploration, children come to fully understand a medium; how it behaves; how it can be used and what tools are needed to work with it. The children will take initiative, be engaged, and be creative.



This class will provide children with an opportunity to experience music in interactive, social and creative ways.  Children will explore different musical elements and strengthen their language skills, while we incorporate children's literature such as "Max Found Two Sticks" by Brian Pickney, "THUMP, THUMP, Rat-a-Tat-Tat" by Gene Baer, and "This Is The Hat" by Nancy Van Laan, to inspire the children to make their own instruments, conduct parades and concerts to perform with them. 

obstable course camp.jpeg

Big Body Play

The class is meant to give the children opportunities to have open ended, big movement play, both inside and outside through cooperative play. They will increase their core strength through teamwork and problem solving, through activities such as obstacle courses, tumbling, rolling, rope climbing, and old school playground games such as tag and potato sack races. The class will be an excellent way for our children to learn how to control their bodies and take safe risks.

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