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Classrooms are bright and spacious with well defined learning areas.  Each room is equipped with blocks, paint, play dough, water table, art and writing tables, puzzles, manipulatives, science materials, and dramatic play spaces to name a few.  We have excellent teacher-child ratio's in each classroom, which fosters both large and small group cooperation amongst children.


Block area

Each classroom is supplied with a large set of unit blocks of varying shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about how block play is a part of our curriculum. 


Loose parts

This area is stocked with a variety of materials for children to tinker with and incorporate into their block play and dramatic play. Click here to learn more about how loose parts are a part of our curriculum. 

dramatic play area.jpg

Dramatic Play 

Every classroom has a play kitchen area stocked with pretend food. There is also a dress up area, dolls, and other dramatic play props such as cameras, cash registers, bags, and doctor kits.

writing center.JPG

Writing Center

Every classroom has a writing center that is stocked with various types of paper and envelopes, scissors, tape, crayons, markers, pencils, and hole punchers. Children are free to create whatever they like here and learn how to find their own supplies and clean up after themselves. 

pumpkin lesson.jpg

Meeting area

Children gather on the rug for morning meeting/circle time.




Teachers display photographs and text documenting children's learning on bulletin boards. Children can refer to these photographs as they work on various inquiry-based learning projects.

group water table.jpg

Water Table

Every classroom has a water table along with various pitchers, scoopers, ladles, whisks, cups, funnels, basters, and washable baby dolls. The teachers often dye the water for additional interest. Sometimes the water is replaced with other sensory materials such as colored rice, beans, or water beads. 


Science Table

The science table displays material that is relevant to what the children are interested in or the current season. Reference books, pictures, and magnifying lenses are available for children to use. 



An easel is set up everyday with paint for children to use. 


Two well-equipped and shaded playgrounds stimulate and encourage gross motor development as well as imaginative and creative play.  Playgrounds are equipped with slides, swings, a circle cycle, a seesaw, a real boat, monkey bars, a mud kitchen, a musical wall, sandboxes, and climbing equipment. Digging tools, trucks, pots and pans, and various collections of dinosaurs, farm animals and people to stretch the imagination and invite collaboration amongst other classmates as children play in the sandboxes. 

Outdoors, children are also able to appreciate and explore nature.  Much emphasis is put on exploring leaves, rocks, seeds, snow, etc. Magnifying lenses and buckets to collect bugs, rocks, and other interesting finds are available. 

Indoor Play Space

When weather prohibits outdoor activity, there is a spacious indoor play space, complete with sand tables, tricycles, ride-on cars, rocking horses, climbing equipment, a slide, balance beam, large block construction area, and much more.

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