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Gentle Separation

At the Co-op, we believe in the importance of a positive separation experience for every child.  The first step in achieving this is a home visit from your child's teacher prior to the start of school.  In the home environment, where the child is most comfortable, the positive teacher-child relationship begins.  

"My daughter was so excited that her new teacher actually came to her house to meet her in person and even played for a while. They planted lima beans together that day and we still have the plant in our kitchen window!  Whenever we check on it or water it we are reminded of that day...What a nice memory!"

home visit.jpeg

On the first day of school the class is divided in half and the time period is shortened.  As the children enter the building, they are excited to find their picture, which was given to the teacher during the home visit, hanging in their cubby.  The interaction that occurs daily between teacher and child helps each child to feel comfortable at school.  A “Family Book” is created with the children, containing photographs of every child with their family, including the teacher’s family.   This is a helpful tool to aid in separation and a favorite book used throughout the year!

All parents remain in the building on the first day, and 3’s parents remain again on the second day of school.  It’s a time to meet other Co-op families, speak with the director, and get to know one another.  If your child needs you to remain in the classroom, you can do so under the expert guidance of the teachers.  It is not expected that all children are able to separate quickly and with ease.  This may take days or weeks.  The emphasis is on making it positive for all children.  

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