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Three's Programs

Children learn through play, as they acclimate to the school environment and create a strong foundation for all future learning endeavors. Teachers guide children in navigating social situations and cooperative play, while establishing a respectful classroom community. The well-planned daily routine incorporates child-centered activities that encourage active learning and discovery, creativity, problem solving, social skills, and independence.

A certified children's yoga instructor works with each class once a week to develop gross motor skills, confidence, and self-regulation.

The daily schedule includes ample time spent on one of our two playgrounds or in our indoor play space in the event of inclement weather. 

Program Options

3 Days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday): 9:15-12:15

4 Days (Monday-Thursday): 9:00-12:00

5 Days (Monday-Friday): 9:00-12:00

Program Extensions:

  • Lunch Bunch and Enrichment Programs


3's Class Daily Routine


Children may be dropped off curbside and escorted by teachers to their classrooms or walked inside by their parents. Children are warmly greeted by their teachers as they place their belongings in their cubbies. When children arrive in the classroom, they check themselves in by placing a card with their photograph on it in a basket. By the second half of the year, they no longer need their photographs because they can recognize the spelling of their names.  

Fine Motor Activities: 

Children engage in a variety of fine motor activities designed to develop the fine motor skills that will be necessary to learn to write. Activities may include the writing center, tabletop building materials, loose parts play, puzzles, water table, and other manipulatives. 


Children enjoy ample time on one of our two outdoor playgrounds or in our indoor play space in the event of inclement weather. Click here to learn more about our playgrounds. 


Children enjoy a healthy snack provided by families on a rotating basis. During snack time, children learn to serve themselves, pour their own water, engage in conversation with their peers and teachers, and clean up after themselves. 

Book time

Children select books from the classroom library to read individually, in small groups, or with a teacher or parent. 

Morning Meeting

Children gather as a class on the rug for circle time. The teacher may begin with a question or prompt for children to respond to. The teacher might use this time to introduce new ideas or build classroom community. 

Center Time

Children engage in a variety of child-led play-based activities including blocks, water table, writing center, dramatic play, and easel painting. The teacher will often have an art activity prepared for children during this time or will work with children in small groups on a specific skill. 


Children enjoy listening, singing and moving their bodies during music and movement time.


The day begins to wind down as children gather on the rug once again to enjoy a story read to them by their teacher. 


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