Program Offerings


We offer both separating and non-separating options for two year olds. Both programs provide active exploration through creative play and hands-on activities, while nurturing age appropriate social skills. Small class sizes provide for an optimal first school experience. 

OUTDOOR Two's Company (non-separating for 18-36 months):

Saturday: 9:30-11:30

(call for session dates)

Two's for Me (separating):

3 Days (M/W/F): 10:00-12:30

2 Days (Tu/Th): 10:00-12:30


Children learn through play, as they acclimate to the school environment and create a strong foundation for all future learning endeavors. Teachers guide children in navigating social situations and cooperative play, while establishing a respectful classroom community.

3 Days (T/W/Th): 9:00-12:00

4 Days (Mon-Thurs): 9:00-12:00

Optional Friday Enrichment Class:


Program extensions available. 


Children in our pre-kindergarten program continue to learn through play as they develop the skills and concepts necessary to master language, literacy, math, and science. A longer day that includes lunch prepares children for kindergarten and provides additional learning opportunities.

5 Days (Mon-Fri): 9:30-1:30

Program extensions available.